Two Ukulele Songs from Música del Sol

In early 1999, two local bilingual educators, Pam Lucas and Carol Holm, asked me to record a series of children’s songs in Spanish. Together we created a tape cassette (really!) of 24 songs from Mexico, Central and Latin America, mostly small snippets, not the entire song. These tapes were purchased by bilingual educators and administrators to use in their classrooms all over Oregon and the Pacific Northwest. The snippets helped teachers recall the song’s melody and rhythm so they could lead their students. Recorded in July 1999 by Richard Williams at Lightsound Studios in Ashland, Oregon, these were the first songs I recorded on ukulele, played on Li’l Sistah, my 1950s all-koa wood, made-in-Hawaii soprano.

El Mes de Abril  Traditional | Bryan Holley, vocal and ukulele


Mi Gallo Se Murió  Traditional | Bryan Holley, vocal and ukulele

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