Mundo ‘Ukulele

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I recorded Mundo ‘Ukulele in 2013 for educational and artistic purposes, my arrangements are simple, and the key for each song is shown to encourage you to play along. Would you like to learn one of my songs? When you buy my CD, you also receive one free Skype or FaceTime lesson from me to teach it to you. Email me for the details.

Enjoy these three free songs from Mundo ‘Ukulele!

Every Day by Bryan Holley ©2010

Shine by Cecil Mack ©1916

Moana by Bryan Holley ©2010

Price is $15 for my educational recording,

including handling and postage.
Please email me for details.

Free Skype Lesson When You Buy My CD!


Listen to my original Spanish song ‘Caras y Amigos’

(Faces and Friends) on YouTube.

Bryan Holley | Solo vocal & Martin 0-15 guitar (made in 1959).
Recorded in 1999 by Richard Williams. This version digitally remastered and remixed by Barry Rivman in 2011. Mahalo to Richard and Barry!