Music Alone Shall Live

Our good friends up in Hood River, Oregon, Nicole and Aaron Keim, also known as The Quiet American, have just published ‘A Ukulele Handbook for Beginners’ and I urge ukulele players in Tunes Nation and everywhere to visit their site and buy a copy. I read a pre-publication version and loved how Aaron and Nicole touched upon all the essentials a beginner needs to launch her/his own musical journey. They introduce ukulele strumming and music theory step-by-step — just what beginners need with a lot of fun songs to learn and play along the way.

For my group ukulele class here in Ashland, here’s a YouTube link to one of my personal favorites that they introduced me to, Music Alone Shall Live find here They show several variations, both the melody and chords, and hopefully their video will help each of you learn the song. Hearing them lead almost 100 people singing it at Tunes in the Dunes created one of those ‘highlight reel’ memories for me. Thanks, Nicole and Aaron for your music and also for this great new book.


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