Gardening In Ashland

Welcome to the place in virtual reality where I will be sharing my experiences and observations as a lifetime gardener. Over the last quarter century, we’ve had gardens in each place we’ve lived in Ashland. For many of these years we have had one garden plot here at home and another garden plot at the Ashland Creek Community Garden.

I took the photo at left (click to zoom) at Plot #45 at the Southern Oregon University Ecology Center of the Siskiyous (SOU ECOS) community garden, situated in a secluded, sunny spot at the far western boundary of SOU’s campus. Our first year at this garden proved abundant; here you’re seeing our big, productive bamboo bean arch we built as a superstructure for our Kentucky Pole and Italian Romano beans. To be continued . . .

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  1. Cedar and BJ
    Cedar and BJ says:

    Treasured memories of your gentle souls (both B&N) and loving energy, in the garden, in the kitchen, in the music room, at the roundtable, at the theatre, well, actually, wherever you are!! Sorry about your beautiful tent… is it fixable? Our big van tent was pierced by hail and attacked by the cat….KARMA???? WE are all grateful that we did not lose you all those years ago on the beach… Loves, US

    • Bryan Holley
      Bryan Holley says:

      Shout out to Pretty Prairie! Great to hear from you and like you have fond memories of your summer visit. That was some scene with the rainfly for the tent, eh? Get Cedar and Bryan doing something and hope for a good outcome! Checked the rainfly out, and sure enough it is replaceable. Speaking of grateful, how about me being grateful to you and Jude for chanting me back from the ethereal plane to this one . . . gracias hasta eterno, Amigo. To be continued . . .


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