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Kumu ‘Ukulele Irma Kahikina DiCenzo Coming to Ashland!

Hello, Ukulele Nation, I’m posting this today so that all my friends, former students, folks who contacted me with interest in ukulele, and local strummers will know about an exciting and unique opportunity to expand your ukulele skills and horizons. For the last four years, I have had the privilege of studying Hawaiian music (via Skype) with […]

Ukulollo Is Coming To Ashland!

From out of the blue, more specifically Lucca, Italy, comes Ukulollo, Lorenzo Vignando with his percussionist partner Gennaro Scarpato to Ashland, Oregon for workshops and a concert! Thanks to The Haven, a new community and cultural center, local music lovers, and especially you ukulele players and you drummers, should mark May 5, 2015 on your […]

How to Corn a Brisket of Beef

In 16th Century English, to corn meant to salt, as salt as we know it in all its refinements did not exist. Thus salt was available instead in blocks and chunks which could be broken down into grains, and the grains were known as corns. Turns out salting (thus, corning) meat is one of the oldest […]

Walt Whitman | ‘A Meadowlark’ from Specimen Days

The iconic American poet whose ‘Leaves of Grass’ transformed American literature also wrote letters and prose pieces. I learned this the day I bought ‘Specimen Days, Democratic Vistas, and Other Prose’, a collection of Whitman’s writings. Whitman himself explains the fragmented nature of ‘Specimen Days’ as it is taken from irregular journals at various locations. But […]

Where Have All The Colors Gone

Over the last three years, we long-time Ashlanders witnessed a public project at our historic Plaza. What I call the Plaza Destruction project — the worst example of poor judgment and reckless use of public money by city councilors, a dismissive city administrator, a compliant mayor, and an incompetent city staff in the last quarter century — resulted in […]

Elko, Nevada

I hoid it through the grapevine that someone posted about me on Facebook, and it must be true as I have some new subscribers (sign up if you’re here for the first time!) from my hometown, Elko, Nevada. Welcome, bienvenidos, e komo mai! Although I will not be joining Facebook, pass the word that I’d love […]


I decided to add a Subscribe feature to my site. It’s easy — just click on Subscribe on the right side of most pages, and when I post something new, you’ll get an email notification. I urge you to subscribe, especially if you are an ukulele player or one of my students, because that means […]